223 and vld


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Oct 20, 2012
Hello everyone. I know people say don't do it and some people say go ahead. I don't care if you think its ethical to shoot deer with a 223. What I want to know is 70 grain bergers on deer. I shoot a REM 700p top with badger hazard and rings and nightforce. I have been shooting a long time and regularly shoot to 800. That being said I'm not trying to shoot 800 yards at deer. I just know the vld is a hard bullet and wanted some first hand or educated or real world experience on this matter. Not neck shots. I already know what that will do. 223 70 grain vld 3100 with 26 grains of varget.
It is in my rifle, but my rifle kind of likes everything....so far.

Its a savage I rebarreled with a shilen, droped in a choate tactical, added a rifle basics trigger, and put in a CDI mag system. It is a honey.

But from what i hear from others the 70 gr are accurate for them as well, hopefully there will be a few more chime in here. Also, the 70gr can be loaded to mag length, they are not terribly long. Nothing like the 75gr. I havent tried them on fur/hair yet....

I can get in the .3 range with every bullet I shoot an better with most of them. My pet loads are 52 smk with 23 grn RE7 and the 70 berger vld 26 varget. I can shoot bughole 3 shot groups with hornady 75 bthp match but isn't as accurate at longer range 600 and farther. The 52 smk bthp shoots 2 in groups at 600 but tumbled past that
I'm sure I'll get some flak but I've dropped a few furry ones with a 75gn Hornady BTSP with 335 behind it. 223's are all about bullet placement and if the gun is a good accurate shooter, why not. I have a tack driver so it's all good.

I plan on using it this year over extended doe season here in Michigan, as usual.

No, it's not an AR platform.:)
I sold my 308 and my 300 with intentions of buying another 300 in a 700p cause I like them so much. The guy I shoot with has a 300 in the 700p the is extremely accurate and I like the way they feel straight out the box. The only thing I don't like is the trigger even with adjusting it I don't like it but that's a simple fix. Anyway I ended up having knee surgery and could buy the new rifle and that put me hunt long lanes on public land cause I lost my deer lease also. I have other deer rifles but just don't enjoy shooting them any more and accuracy past 300 isn't there even with my reloads
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