.22 to .308 comparison trainer distances

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Nov 17, 2008
based on my experience and #'s through my set ups both 22 and 308 and running through a ballistics calculator that matches my range results, i came up with a drop comparison(22lr zeroed at 50 yards, .308 at 100yards,drop in inches). once again, this best matches my data, your numbers will probably differ:

22lr 40gr. .075bc 1040fps / .308win 165grSST .447bc 2600fps

22lr drop .308
50yds 0 = 100yds
75yds 2.8 = 175yds
100yds 8.3 = 240yds
125yds 17.6 = 315yds
150yds 30.8 = 380yds
175yds 47.3 = 450yds
200yds 68.7 = 510yds
225yds 92.5 = 560yds
250yds 123.9 = 630yds
275yds 158.2 = 690yds
300yds 199.9 = 770yds
325yds 248.8 = 820yds
350yds 304.8 = 880yds
375yds 367.9 = 940yds
400yds 437.6 = 987yds

i'm working on the wind drift one, i have 1 for each, just got to match the numbers up.

my thoughts on the drop chart was that if i'm shooting at 100 with a 22 and it drops 8.3", at what yardarge would my 308 drop 8.3" ? ....answered at 240 yards (at least with my set up).

so the next question would be....

if my 22lr, at 100 yds, drifts 5" with a 7mph 3:00 wind, my .308 drifts 5" at what distance with the same wind? answer is 300yards (at least with my set up), and is pretty darn close to what i get on paper.

i know that windage is super important, however to me, right now drop takes precedence over windage, so when i'm shooting at my 200 yard range and i have a guy next to me bustin my stones cause i'm using a 22, i'll have some data to say i'm simulating shooting a .308 at 510 yards.

then if the shooting gods are on my side and i pull off a 5" group, i can say i'm simulating a sub moa .308 at 510 yards. because i'm a natural loud mouthed cocky ahole, if the guy next to me shoots a +2" group, i can point out that on scale my "puny" 22 just outshot his .308

the tough thing is to find a "true simulation / trainer" for the .308, perhaps by a change of 22lr ammo to equal both drop and windage characteristics of the .308

as shown above at 100 yards the drop equals 240, but the windage is 300. perhaps by finding a 22 ammo (maybe high velocity)that comes closest to mimicing both drop and windage at several distances (if possible) would be the key to finding that TRUE simulation.

if not possible, one would have to settle for a 22 ammo that would be based on either the drop or windage of .308, (that would be of a personal preference i guess). mine would be drop, as i think it would be better in my case to go with elevation. it's usually easier and more consistantly predict bullet drop with the constants of gravity, temp., alt., and humidity, as compared to the wind which can make so many drastic changes in speed and direction at 100 and 200 and how much it affects the 22 at those ranges, and you can only get a truly accurate wind reading at your shooting station.

however my 22 shoots well enough as it's own entity, and i spent too much time getting there that i don't care if it mimics my .308 or not, just shooting it for what it is.

but will be working on a .22 to .308 wind chart, none the less
Interesting. I backed into your data and played a little in LoadBase. I used 40 gr., 1,200 fps muzzle velocity, .126 BC (G1), and 2.17 Stability factor (huge guess... and probably low).

If my scope had 100 MOA and I used a 20 MOA base I would max out (no hold over) at around 570 yards with a velocity of 436 fps and a whopping 16.5 foot/lb's of energy :) which ain't much. Time of flight is 2.48 seconds. Spin drift is a whopping 3.7 MOA with total drift of 5.8 MOA. 1/2 of it's energy is gone by 210 yards.

I wonder how much energy it takes to whomp a prairie dog or ground squirrel?
At 300 you can still kill a PD with standard velocity ammo. The Hi Vol .22's just don't shoot as well in my guns so I don't use it. But while I was reading you guy's posts I had this video in my mind going of a PD getting hit at 500 yds and getting knocked over and then getting up and running over to another PD and kicking his ***. Picture Caddy Shack. ROFLMAO
.22's are almost as much fun at long range as a center fire rifle is. Thanks for posting that info Top Predator. I didn't have a program to give me those drops and now I have your info.
nice mate. i havent taken it to the same level as you but im using the .22 to dial up to 200yrds so far. its good fun. going to take it further when this **** wind dies.
i really like getting out there with the 22lr, even more than the centerfires anymore. once you start getting consistant groups at 200, you'll get hooked on it.

nice thing is just about everything you learn shooting an accurate rimfire with accurate ammo at distance transfers over quite nicely to centerfire, except for the cost.

here is a chart taken from JBM ballistic
good site to calculate your ballistic
this is for a 22 lr 40 grain bullet at 1080 fps
and sighted in a 50 yards
I have put 2 links one very informative on tactical shooting with 22 and the JBM
link is below

JBM - Calculations

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