Looks pretty cool.

I made an oversized bolt handle for my Savage 17 HMR out of a 5/8" bolt. The ball on mine was just threaded on.
Ah didnt think of a door pull. On my 17hmr the knob was threaded on, I used a drill press and a fill to make my oversized knob. Im gunna look for a good door pull at the homedepot and make one.

got to shoot today, the weather was less than pleasant, and the fair weather shooters stayed home, plus there was some mis-communication with the regulars, most thought it was going to be cancelled.

as stated before i took the low budget trainer threads rifle. although i haven't spent much time getting to know the rifle as much as i should've, and not doing the offhand practice i promised myself last year that i would do, i still can't be too let down. i shot 4 seperate 40 round matches.

match 1 = 12
match 2 = 13
match 3 = 15
match 4 = 22

being only my sophmore year doing these silhouette matches, i can't really complain, at least i broke 20 and found a hold which was working for me, plus in position to move up from B class to A class in the hunter rifle class.

i was expecting worse, as the mkii bv used last year is more "tweaked for target", but i found that the regular sized barrel was causing me less muscle fatigue, which allowed me to stay on target longer and produce a better shot. when i missed, at least i missed "small".

i found my groove towards the end, and the rifle would probably perform better with less poundage (it's at 2 lbs, 12 oz.) but it safely over the hunter class trigger pull rule (no less than 2lbs.), and as the low budget threads has in it, only cost the price of a cheap feeler guage to make trigger shims. so i can live with the extra 12 oz., for now.

i felt as i could've made the bolt handle a little longer about 1/8" to 1/4" more, but it still worked nicely having this leftie cycle a rightie rifle.

one of a more seasoned shooter that was using an $1600.00 anshutz shot a 18 and a 26, so that made me feel good about my under $300.00 rifle (when the bipod, sling, and cheekpiece are off to conform to the rules) had performed in comparison.

all in all that walmart rifle worked out as hoped for the silhouette game, no malfunctions, comfortable, and rather consistant when i did my part.

P.S.: a prone / bipod round (for ***** and giggles) produced 40 of 40 hits
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