22-250 -8-twist with 80 grn.Bullets

I'm Currently using IMR 4350 and 80 grn. Starke LD's. I had the rifle throated long for 75 A-maxes (shoot great), but they're not terminal on varmints. Thanks, Sam
Can any of you share experiences with a fast twist 22-250 for heavy bullets. I've gotta load but would like to try some VV N550 or N540. Any thoughts? I would like to get into the 500yds range popping G-hogs.
Thanks, Sam In Va
..Howdy Sam.!! Roy bought all the extra heavy .22's I had when I sold my f/t .22 barrel.. There's some 90&80gr JLK's in there along with some others.. I'm somewhat sure he'd sell ya a few to try if ya like.. He's got a 1:8 stuck in a Panda that was shooting well under .5" @ 200 with the first load he tried.. But I'm still thinking that those .22 javelins are just gonna make small pinholes in 'hogs.. I've started some more experimentation with .30's going for more "frontal area" to see what happens there.. Most of the long range terminal data I've been able to find "out and about" is for big game animalslike elk and mule deer.. Quite the large targets,eh.??

.. I'm gonna be hell bent to get up there this year,Sam... The new house and job thing are all settled down now.. New boss is also a new shooter. Hehehe.. First hour of the interview was about BR stuff.. Now he has a bench and a 400 yard range built in his pasture.. Geez I love being a bad influence.!! JiNC
Hey Jake,
Good to hear from ya!! Thanks for the offer for the bullets. Right now I have too many different bullets, and not enough time to try 'em out.
I think I'm going to really give Starkes 68 RPVB a good try, gotta 100 and they're designed to kill. I just need to do what you did....test at all the different yardages. The 80's I have from him really shoot but they're LD bullets. I have some confirmed kills but they still wiggle a little. The 68's should be SWEEEET.
Have a happy...Sam
Sam-- I'm shooting 35.0 gr of H4350 behind an 80 gr. Sierra MK. Its doing 3350 fps and I have kills on PDs out to about 850 yds. The 69 gr SMK really screams but is not as accurate in my gun. I have an 1:8" tw 3 groove Pac Nor SuperMatch on a 700 action and Shehane Varmint Tracker stock.
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