SOLD/EXPIRED 20km laser rangefinder. Russian military


Dec 20, 2011
I have a Russian Labled LPR-01 unit. I believe they were manufactured OEM by the same company. The manufacture date of this particular unit was in 1992. It ranges all the way out to 20km (20,000m or over 12 miles!!) on even non reflective targets! It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and functions flawlessly. It ranges about 1000m minimum and then all the way out to 20000m The picture taken through the unit does not give the optics justice, it is just so you can see the reticle style. The optics are extremely sharp, clear, and high quality. Magnification is approximately 7x. It includes case, battery, charger, tripod measure mount (no tripod), remote cable, external power cables, field repair/maintenance kit, battery case, russian manual, English manual, safety sheet, and field carry bag.

FYI: this unit does use class II laser technology in the infrared band, so even though not visible to the naked eye, direct laser radiation is considered very hazardous and can cause permanent damage and even blindness to eyes. Special care must be taken when operating this unit.

Asking $1500 OBO shipped. I accept PayPal +3%, PayPal Gift, or Cashiers Check.
Word of Caution

A class II laser is eyesafe, so if it is not eyesafe, it is not a Class II.

The Russian 20 KM military lasers were normally class IV, non-eyesafe, noted for leakage and more importantly, by federal law, military surplus lasers are not legal to import, sell or possess in the US!!

The Russian ones here were imported into Canada and illegally brought into the US for sale.

I can guarantee the Feds are watching this site and others for them listed for sale and will visit and confiscate. I had a visit from an investigator after I mentioned to a mftr I saw one for sale on the internet.

Buy at your own risk of confiscation.
Someone needs to lobby to get us rangefinder that work without sever interference from sunlight and particulates in the air! Finding one that actually works to 1500 is a real challange!