208 A-Max in 300 RUM


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Feb 4, 2009
Need some help choosing a hunting bullet for my 300 RUM. I have been going back and forth from the 180 Gr bonded bullets (Swift, Hornady & Nosler) and the Hornady 208 Gr A-Max. One plus for the 208 Gr is cost, but I do not know how they will stand up on game. The bullets could be used any where from 100 yards to 1200 yards. Is the 208 Gr A-Max up to the task for a hunting bullet? I will be using them on Deer and Elk, and would they work on a Moose?
I'm afraid your going to get alot of mixed replies. That being said the Amax is a fine hunting bullet some will say not to use it up close yada yada yada:) I have killed a coyote and an buck last year the yote was 20 yards a way if that much, and the buck was 35 yards the reason most people say not to use them up close is because of pass through well dead is dead and I could careless if it passes through! I would say you could ask the buck but he's dead, I did hear him say before his last breath that he's a firm believer in em AMAX'S:D. As for long range they will not blow up because they have slowed down some what therefore they hold together more like the so called ethical hunting bullets. For the price hornady Amax is one of the best all around bullets you could use accurate and deadly.

Just my opinion:)

Deer (any range) Elk and moose, use the bonded bullets out to 500-600 yds. The A-max would work well beyond that range......Rich
I know you asked about 208 Amax but I'll share this with you I killed a 5x5 bull elk in Colorado using a 155 Amax out of a 300 winchester mag. Then I killed a 4x4 mule deer close to the same place 2 years later the rang on the elk was around 60 yards he fell down the side of the mtn after I shot him he went a total of about 15 yards it was very steep . The mule deer was 30 yards he ran about 25 yards or maybe further no more than 45 yards to the best I can remember he was bleeding out of his nose so I had a great blood trail to follow.

Just dont go with lighter a-maxs in the rum as with the speed you get very little penitration. Even on ligther game. If they do exit the game will be exploded.
Are you dead set on the 208 a-max? The 210 berger VLD is a well proven leader in long range hunting. Not trying to knock the a-max at all, it may turn out to be a great long range hunting bullet, but it has some proving to do. I looked into the 208 a while back and decided that the ballistic coefficients were so close that there would be absolutely no point in changing from my 210 VLD that is proven as a hunting bullet. There are a lot of great guys on this site that also use VLD bullets, you may hear from some of them too. Have a great day!
One thing I have not thought about is the twist rate for the 208 A-Max, or the 210 Bergers. Will a 1-10 twist be OK?
That's probably pushing it about as far as you can but i think you will be alright because you can get by with a little less twist with higher velocity. I had an ultra with an 11 twist and i didn't use vld's but shot 220 spitzers just fine because of the high velocity.......rich
I just ordered a box of 100 .308 cal 210 Berger's to test in the 300 RUM. I hope they work.
One thing I have not thought about is the twist rate for the 208 A-Max, or the 210 Bergers. Will a 1-10 twist be OK?

Cordell, 1 in 10 will be just fine. Berger recommends at least 1 in 11 for the 210s. My 300 Wby is 1 in 10, velocity is 2,960fps out of a 27" lilja and it is 1/2 moa. I would expect your ultra could push a good 100fps faster than this depending on your barrel length and load. Maybe some of the other guys on here will comment on their 300 ultra velocities.
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