200 gr 7mm bullets

J E Custom

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Jul 29, 2004
I will be receiving some 200grain wildcat bullets soon and was wondering if anyone
had tried them and what were the results ?

I have completed my 7mm ULTRA MAG and want to try them out.

It has a 28" Lilja barrel with a 1 in 9 twist.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

I've been using them since they first came out and think they are great. You just need the right barrel and the horsepower to put them downrange. I've killed several head of game with them and all were with very satisfactory results.

I've shot some of the new Wildcats and they gave the same results and I just received a bucket of the 200 grainers and plan on continuing shooting them. The downrange results will put a smile on your face.:)

I've tried them in a 1:10 barrel and they wouldn't stabilize and beyond 200 yards or so they just didn't like the barrel.

I've shot them in a 1:7 and they worked find and now shoot them in a 1:8.5 and they are great.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll like them.
If you run advanced search on Wildcat under user name DaveWilson you will hit a lot of threads back into year 2005. A lot of RUM Sendero users tried them. You can look at the twists they were using and the speeds they were achieving. Should also give you a leg up on powders to use.

There are several factors beyond twist that influence the bullets.
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