20 moa rings


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Dec 24, 2001
Potters Hill, NC
Burris offers a couple different configuations and one will probably fit your needs. I have used the Burris Signature rings w/inserts in both 1" and 30mm. I haven't used the Zee style (kind of a Weaver style) but have used the Standard (STD, front dove tail w/windage rear) with great success.
By using the Burris Signature series of rings you get polycarbonite inserts that come in 0, +/- .005, .010 and .020" halves. These let you add MOA to your rings by putting a + insert in the rear ring (+ on bottom, - on top) and opposite on the front ring (- on bottom, + on top). This setup works good if you have little clearance between scope and barrel, sometimes when it's too tight, I add a 0 insert to the front ring.
These inserts will not mar or scratch you scope and will hold it tight, even with the magnum's recoil. Depending on the rifle, Leupold makes a long range STD style base with 20 MOA built it. I have used these on Remingtons, Winchesters and Savage rifles, again with great success and zero failures.
So theoretically, with a 20 MOA base and rings with 20 MOA, you should have 40 MOA, right? It's enough. I have this setup on a Savage right now. Hope this isn't too confusing.
Midway has the Signature STD rings on clearance as we speak! Good luck. JohnnyK.

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