20 MOA base for weaver rings


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Mar 17, 2002
I was looking for a 20MOA one pece base for Weaver rings where can I get one of these?
If its for a Remington M700 action, Brownell's lists 4 different ones priced from about $75 up to about $135, depending on the manufacturer. The Badger Ordnance is probably the best of the bunch for $130-133, depending on the length of the action. You may also go to www.snipercountry.com and check the emporium. Sometimes people post them for sale there. Good Luck!
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The other solution is to use a standard Weaver base and the Burris sight-a-line ring set with the .020" inserts in the rings. About $20.00 or $25.00 I believe.

I just put a set of those Burris rings on my 416wby, got the optional .020" insert set and used the +.020" in the rear and the -.020" in the front and ended up with .040" tapor total. Worked perfectly. The extra inserts were another $10.00 but worth it for the additional adjustment.
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