1st mulie worth shooting


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May 31, 2001
Casper Wy
Last day of the season, we set out for the high country hopeing to find something bigger than the spikes,forks and small 3x3s we have been seeing for a few years along the south fork of the Powder.
I wish I could say I worked my *** off for him or it was a long shot but after glassing and hikeing a lot of miles over the years this guy just stands there @ 75 yards and lets me shoot him.
Not a monster by any means but it does prove even a blind hog can find an acorn if he spends enough time at it.


Might have found a new spot to hunt goats too...... @ 8500 feet!


Not enough light for a good pic but these guys where monsters!!

Nice buck! Look at it as finally getting payed for those tough/unsuccessful hunts...:D
And motivation to go after those high altitude monster goats.

The rifle is an old tang safty Ruger in seven mag, a 3-9 Sightron with a mildot reticle. It aint a tack driver but for some reason its a critter-getter to 750 yards......But this year it has only had to go to 250 for the first goat,233 for the second and I doubt it was 70 yards to the mulie buck.

Been a long time coming for a decent mulie. Ate my general tag last year and turned down a few smaller bucks this year......You guessed right about going after those monster goats, have drawn 63 tags the last couple of years but will try to draw to that area next year! Have not always filled tags with trouphy critters but the only unsuccessful hunt I think I have ever had was last fall whitetail hunting= Ditched the Tahoe on the way back to Minnesota and had to return to Casper. Otherwise if I'm out hunting its a success:D
LOL They call me Sascuatch at work for some reason? Its real simple=DONT CUT IT and walla there it is!
I got that 7mag dialed to 750 but all tags have been filled inside of 300 yards this year so far BUT the 338Edge is ichting to take a walk out for a couple whitetail doe and cow elk tag......Timel tell

Filled both goat tags with the 7 mag too
First one landed 50 yards from last years goat.


The second one was taekn while trying to find a deer in the high country Mahogany bushes....Forgot to get the hero shot till I had everything packed up in the bachpack for the 4 mile hike back to the truck.

Well done! Reminds me of my last buck. Practice all summer out to 600 yards and then come around the corner of a hill and he was standing 85 yards away and watched me shoot him! LOL! Beautiful country. I'm jealous of you all in states that you have a real chance at harvesting multiple animals in a year. Out here in CA if you want to pay $500 for a private land pig you can kill as many as you'd like but everything else is a long time between tags or you hunt the 5%-10% success rate zones.

Nice beard too! I agree with your logic as well. You know the Buck Commanders was founded by the Duck Commanders....
What load were you shooting in your 7mag?

That old Ruger will shoot a lot of different powders behind the 160 grain Partition ok but H4831sc seams to be the most consistant. Been kicking around the idea of haveing it rebarreled this winter as it never has shot under MOA with anything I've tryed.......And its had a lot of different combinations shot through it the last 25 years.
Great deer, Cliff. When I was in WY about a month ago it seemed like the Antelope liked being below 7000 ft. If I would have known the big boys were further up the hills, I would have gone after!
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