1917 enfield-work for 30-378?

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  1. spispeza

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    Mar 10, 2005
    i have a 1917 enfield 30-06,that has been sporterized[no collecter value]it is made by winchester.i have shot this quite a bit in 30-06.the rear of the action needs to be milled,drilled&tapped.i would like a 30 inch barrel?i have a good gunsmith friend that will not charge me much for labor.but will charge the actual price for the barrel,mounts,trigger,etc..any suggestions on brands of trigger,barrel,mounts,rings,etc..might not be the best action but thanks for lookin,suggestions,etc..p.s.it will be used as a single shot.also one more question can a savage action be used for 30-378 as a single shot?
  2. Mysticplayer

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    Jul 27, 2001
    I have played extensively with these actions and they are very good for building single shot monsters.

    Personally, I have built a 300RUM with a 36" barrel. About to stock my 338 Mystic (RUM case maxed out and necked to 338) with a 36" barrel. Others in 6.5, and 30 cal.

    The actions are very strong and have been used for African game stoppers. The P17 bolt face would need a pretty drastic mod. I would suggest getting a P14 instead. Already set up for a magnum bolt face and opening that a bit more is not a big deal.

    For changes, I would strongly recommend the Timney trigger. It can be tuned easily for a crisp light pull. The cock on opening kits from Numrich are great too. You will have to mod the cocking piece to use the Timney trigger though. Easy fix but you need a TIG welder.

    The timney can be used with the orig bolt no problem.

    I went with the RUM case because of cost. Long barrels tend to equal out case capacity and RUM cases are 1/3 the cost of the Wby.

    Just make sure the actions have no cracks and have at it.