180 Grn. Interbond

Triple BB

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Dec 12, 2002
I just ordered a couple of boxes of 180 grn Interbonds to try in my 300 RUM. Spent last summer trying to get her to digest 165 grn Interbonds without success. Must have went through two dozen powder and load combinations looking for something really tight in the 3500 fps range. Now that the 180's are out, figured I'd see what I can do in the 3200 maybe 3300 fps range. Any thought or recommendations on powders and favorite loads?

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Re 25 (#1)

Retumbo (#2)

H1000 (#3)

180 Scirocco or 200 Accubond

I couldn't get Hornady's to group either, 165 nor 180.
Picked up some Retumbo since I had the best luck with it and the 165's. We'll see how it does in the next couple of weeks. I have 250 - 300 rounds through my Rem 700.
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