175smk vs 168 barnes


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Sep 23, 2003
I hunt with a sniper type very heavy m-14 with a douglas 1-10 twist 6 groove heavy barrel. I have been having great success on prairie dogs out to around 700 yards with a barnes coated 168. I just haven't seen any farther out is the only reason only 700 yds. I have gotten a couple of perfect kills on hogs out to about that distance too. The barnes works fine really but will the 175 smk at roughly the same velocity , 2600-2650 be any better a bullet maybe a little farther. I am getting great groups on a 1000 yard silhouette target already but would like a little less holdover if possible. I do the kentucky windage thing with my scope as it seems easier to me. I am just used to it I guess. The wind around here is bad enough to deal with and anything to help would sure be nice.
If you have M14 check max pressure load to avoid them , M14 doesn t like at all heavy pressure load or even if you plan to rebuilt each year

154 lapua Scenar can work well

good shooting


Its hard to change something that seems to work so good, but the 175 SMK at the same velocity will perform a little better at extended ranges. Better meening a little flatter and a little less drift, but not a huge amount. Killing performance on big game would depend on the range.

The 175 SMK at the same velocity as the 168 will get you much farther than the 168. Mayee a couple to a few hundred yards before going unstable.

Hope that helps some
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