168's and LTR twist??????

Re: 168\'s and LTR twist??????

The 155 Scenar is a good common sense 308 match bullet. With its lower weight it can be pushed pretty fast. I have pushed em at 3000 FPS in the right barrel. With their higher than average BC, and they high just as they claim, (bearing in mind that it is differant from one rifle to the next) they dont drop or drift very much compared to other typical 308 bullets. The best groups I have shot at 1K though belong to the 155 AMAX. The BC is slightly lower, by about .014, but still not bad for a bullet going that fast. The last barrel I tested these 2 bullets in side by side, the Scenar had a real world BC of .499 and the AMAX was .474. Now, speed em up a bit and slow the twist down and these BC numbers would go up. The best Scenar groups I got were 5" at 1K and the best with the AMAX was 3.5" at 1K. I thought the 3.5" group was a fluke and went back to the firing line and fired another group at 4.5" These were my 2 personal best groups at 1K. They were shot back to back to boot! Funny thing is, that bullet had never shot under 1 MOA at ranges out to 600 yards for me. All I wanted to do was find an accurate BC and when I connected with the target, thats what was there. That load still wont shoot worth a crap under 800 yards unless I slow it down quite a bit. Then it shoots 1/2 MOA at 100-300 instead of 1 MOA.
Re: 168\'s and LTR twist??????

The 168 SMKs shoot great in my LTR (5 into .6" or less, average velocity 2653 fps)......the 175 SMKs shoot a bit better (best group so far was 5 into .288" average velocity 2576 fps).....using Varget powder for both bullets.

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Ditto on that. 168 SMKs shoot very well out of my LTR, but 175 SMKs shoot a bit more accurately even at 100yds. Varget is also my powder of choice in the LTR, although I am still playing with my loads a bit.
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