168 SMK


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Oct 21, 2002
I plan on hunting feral hogs (100-250lbs) in TX this year. My shots will be beteen 75-200yrds. I'll be using a savage mld 10 with a 20" barrel. My question is the factory loaded 168smk (fed rem) sufficient for this purpose?

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I've killed a few hogs in the Knox County area and we used some SMKs. They work but be careful of shot placement. The hogs seem to be pretty compact and tough and don't seem to respond as deer do on double lung shots.


Oct 2, 2002
Salinas CA

For under 200 yards you cannot go wrong with a nosler partition for quality consistant bullet performance. Hogs are tough. Inconsistant bullet expansion will increase the odds for lost game. Sierra notes in all of its reloading manuals that the MK is not intended for a hunting bullet. This is just my opinion but its from many experiances in the field dealing with large hogs. I own a 308 and its by far my favorite hog gun. It has taken hundreds of hogs using bullet weights from 125gns. to 180gns. and bullet styles from Hollow pionts, barnes X's, Balistic tips, Sierra spitzers and Nosler partitions. And by far the best performing bullet that I have used on hogs has been the partition.

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