168 grain 30 Cal E-tip


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Jul 16, 2008
I read on Noslers site that they have just released a 30 cal E-Tip with a .503 BC. The ballistics look really good in my 06 if I can get similar velocities to what I get with the 168 grain ballistic tips. It maintains minimum recommend impact velocities to over 800 yards at my elk hunting altitude of 9,500+feet. The form factor on this is better than any of the other nosler bullets in 30 caliber and the high weight retention should make this a great elk bullet. I cannot wait to try them out.
Nice, let me know how it shoots! Would love to try these in my 30-06 as well. Right now I'm shooting the 168gr Silvertips with good results
Start low on your load development, they will generate higher pressure than the conventional 168g bullets. Other than that, they should work great. I used the 180's last year with good success, although I did not shoot anything at long range other than targets.

This is my first post.

An outdoor writer friend gave me a few Nosler #59415 168gr 30cal E-Tips to test. Muzzle velocity was 2820fps with 58gr H4350 22"bbl Ruger 1a. Last year I shot an elk at 50 yards with a Barnes 168gr TSX, same load, same velocity. Worked well. Primer is pretty flat. After much testing last summer, all I can tell they drop too much at 200 yards. That tells me the the BC is not what they say it is, maybe because of the grooved bearing surface. The Hornady also has grooves but have not tested. The Noslers worked OK to 300 yards out of my 1a.

Shot an antelope this year with this Nosler bullet. What impressed me was essentially no lost meat (no bloodshot). Bullet went in right in front of the shoulder and exited cleanly out the rib cage. So... fast kill, little damage. I think this will be my all around antelope, deer and elk bullet from now on.

I am using the 6mm Nosler #59165 90gr .243cal E-Tip. Muzzle velocity was 3218fps with 43.5gr H4350 24"bbl Remington 700 (backup or loaner rifle). It is about 100fps faster than the same load with the 95gr Ballistic tip. Primer is pretty flat with bolt markings. Would probably be better with 42.5gr H4350.

I may even try some 150gr 30cal E-Tips in the future. What I try to do is use a cheaper bullet for practice that will shoot nearly as equal to the E-Tip. The Nosler 165gr & 95gr Ballistic Tips seem like a good ballistic match but will probably switch to the 168gr and 90gr Ballistic Tips for practice.
I killed an elk this year with a 168 bullistic tip one shot but he took it 100 yard plus runnig shot took all the liver missed the lungs compleatly but did the job.

Are the E tips suppose to take the place of the old Failsafe ct bullet?

I shot a mt goat with those in 1991 after my good friend warned me against using them one week before my hunt. I used them because I had no time to work on another load. long story is the fail safe in an elk he shot in Nevada still #2 typical in that state took 6 failsafes only one recovered bullet rectum to front shoulder all others passed through, the one recovered had hardly any expantion less then 200 yards just too hard I guess. My goat I decided to hope for a shoulder hit I have heard horror stories of comakozy death plunges off cliffswith those critters , well my goat offered the perfect quarting towards me 250 yard shot but I missed the bone by centimeters and he bolted over the ridge, luckey for me it took long enough for us to get to the ridge that he had felt the hurt and stayed put, but not dead yet. as he saw us come over he had enough left to stand wobble and roll about 50 yards down hill to the first group of scrub pines. Thank gooness for these pine's he probably would have not stopped rolling till the bottom but I was lucky. The bullet exit hole was mabey .400 not to impressive or quick killing IMO hearing of not much tissue damage on the speed goat is why I ask the Questian?
Are the E tips suppose to take the place of the old Failsafe ct bullet?

The E Tip is Noslers step into the growing lead free market. It should penetrate well like the Failsafes because of its high weight retention. In general the posts I have seen on the E Tips terminal performance is that it expands to a little larger frontal area than the barnes triple shock and retains weight at 95% + at normal velocities

I have not seen anything yet on their performance at lower velocities especially around the claimed minimum velocity of 1,800 FPS.
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