140 nosler BT,s in 7mmSTW


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Apr 30, 2003
southwestern N.Y.
Shot two elk at 250 and 265 yards with
the 140,s at 3525mvl. I hit a rib on one going in and out. The bullets never expanded
on either animal but killed them after awhile.
I called nosler and they said I used the wrong bullet. They tryed to tell me that
the lungs were mush. They weren't just a
small hole in and out. Any one have this happen?
Bob,I have never had them not expand.I've had them come apart....I shoot 120gr and 150gr BT's out of mine...The 120's are running a touch over 3700. And the 150's at 3300.Both have been very devastating on anything they hit...
That's bizarre. With my experience with BT, at that vel, you should have seen a massive wound channel just inside the ribs. The lungs should have been mush.

Try them on some water jugs. If they still don't open up, explode. You may be the owner of some real special bullets.


I shoot the same bullet in a 7 Mag at only 3050. I've never shot an elk with them, But I've shot a number of coyotes out to 500 yards and judging by the exit wound, they've always expanded.

One of my favorite bullets.

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