25-06 savage 100gr nosler bt


Oct 31, 2012
I have a 25-06 savage with a vortex viper scope that has a custom turret that is calibrated to a 100 gr nosler bt with a bc of .393 and the speed for the turret is 3170. Does anybody have a powder that they have used with this bullet that gets to that speed and shoots a real tight group? Also the coal for the load and any other details about the load would be really appreciated.
I have a Sendero in 25-06 and shoot the 100 BT. My gun likes 41 gr. of IMR 4064 and shoots it at 3203 fps in a 26" barrel. It will stack them one on top of the other with this load. The bullet is seated just off the lands. Absolutely destroys antelope and deer!!
Thanks huntnmt i will have to get some imr 4064. I have some imr 4350, imr 4831, and reloader 19. Does anyone have data for any of these powders that match the turret that i have on my gun?
I have also used IMR 4350, not just in my 25-06 but in my 270 and 30-06 rifles. All three were more accurate with 4064 but at the cost of about 150 fps in each. These two powders are the only two I have tried in the three. Good luck!!
IMR 4831 is the classic powder for this caliber. I would start there since you have some. One load I used with the Sierra 120 Game King is 52.8grn. That was before I used a chrono, so have no idea what the velocity was. It was a one holer grouper. The bullet was just kissing the lands.

You are pretty much asking for a magic load. One may come close enough, but whatever you end up with will probably need to be tweaked anyway. To say that you can just match the speed on your chrono and it will hit is a bit naive. Load what you have and see whatyou get. You should get your speed with the powders you have.
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