115 Sierra MatchKing in a 270 win


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Apr 22, 2012
Ok for starters I know this bullet is made for the 6.8 spc. I had some that I picked up in a trade at a gun show so I thought I'd just load some to see how the do. The gun used was a brand new Weatherby Vanguard series 2. I also have an older model Weatherby Vanguard. I loaded the bullets to an OAL of 3.350. My mag won't allow but a max of 3.44 OAL in both guns. So I attempt to chamber the loaded round and its a no go. So I seat them even further down to 3.25 OAL. Still a no go. Again I go down to 3.150 OAL. Still wont bolt. So now I push it down to 3.070 OAL. Now it will load in to the chamber but I'm not certain about this. Just looking for some insight. I more than likely will not attempt to use these bullets but I would like to see of any of y'all have.
Are these cases fireformed or brand new? If shot from another rifle other than the one you are trying to chamber it in, try pulling one of the bullets and re-size the case. Before you load a bullet into the case, see if it will chamber.

If it chamber without a bullet seated, try seating one. Sounds like a case/neck issue not bullet seating issue.

I have had similar issues. Before I put any bullets into the seater, I chamber to see if the cases will even fit.

Mr. Shane

I thought the same thing so I got one of the other cases and it cycled in my gun. I do not own a neck sizer so all of my brass is full length sized and trimmed to the correct length before I reload it.
Hmmm...Mine is a 270 win as well. Does it with Berger 150s.

Maybe it's a 270 thing...

I am sure someone else on here can help...
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