115 berger

We sure did. Dan, Tim, Allen and myself have used the 115 VLDs in our 257 Weatherby semi customs. We all used 3 groove SS liljas and a PTG reamer. At this point there is no better bullet available with a BC this high.

Here are the results to date on big game:

My big 257: 6 coues wt longest shot 525 yds
1 Antelope 569 yds
1 javelina

Don borrowed it for 2 coues wt 250 yds and 350 yds

Walt borrowed it 2 coues 400 yd and 385 yd

Dan’s: 6 total in CO
4 mule deer
6 elk

Allen 5 coues wt 419yds,412yds,328yds and 276yds.

Tim Riley: 5 coues unknown distances except this year’s at 237 yds
We are using RL-25. Use Nosler's load for their 115 ballistic tip as a guide. We are just a bit hotter but we are using moly coated bullets.

I can't find any load for the RL-25 for the 115 grain bullet iny of my manuals, where would this load at?

Thanks again
David F.
Start around 68 gr and work up looking for signs of pressure.

Alliant's website says:
73 is max for a 100 gr speer sp
67 is max for a Speer 120 gr BTSP

(who shoots these bullets?)

Nosler #6 has 72 gr of RL-25 as max with the 115 BT and Partition. The ballistic tip has alot more bearing surface than the 115 VLD.

I think you could get into the low 70s with your rifle. Really hard to say precisely due to freebore and rifling. We were running 73-74.5 but we use Moly! The norma brass primer pockets are tight after three firings. I bought a ton of them knowing the price would go up. We got the hundreds for under a dollar each.

It would be nice to be able to put the VLDs into the rifling. We got the combination of throat angle and rifling just right. All five rifles responded to bullet jump from .070" to .100" Who knows if you will be able to get them to shoot. All is not lost. I talked to Berger last week and as I said, they have a 115 hybrid in the works. If the VLD won't shoot wait for the hybrids.
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