Berger .257 115 gr Hunting VLD


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Apr 23, 2009
Clinton, MS
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]I am about to work up a load for my .257 Roberts, and was thinking of trying the Bergers out.

Anyone had any experience with these?

How do they fair on whitetail and antelope size game?

I have some 115's for my 25-06 but have not shot any game yet, reason being I haven't found a load my rifle likes. I have shot several antelope with my 243 using 95 gr Berger's and they are deadly. All of the antelope I have shot have been DRT. 620 yards is my longest shot so far on antelope with those 95 gr Bergers.

Four friends and I all have 257 weatherby semi customs. We have collectively killed 10 coues deer and 3 elk. Stunning performance. While I wouldn't use them for elk myself one of my friends just loves the results.

One of my friend's used my 257 to shoot a coues at exactly 400 yds this year. The shot was behind the shoulders and 1/2" under the spine. It dropped straight down and never even twitched. Awesome to see it happen through 15 power Swarovskis. Saw the spray of blood exit the entrance shot! The bullet exited with a 3/4" hole.

I'd say try them, if they shoot, use them.
I don't have a Roberts but I do have a .257 WBY and I just shot the 115 gr VLD'S on deer.

I have a Rem 700 LSS with a 26" tube shooting 71 gr's IMR 7828ssc and 115gr Vld's I'm just touching 3500 fps.I'm getting just under 1 inch groups at 100yds(2 touching and one just off the other 2)

I shot a whitetail doe at 231 yds trotting at a slight 1/4 angle.The bullet entered behind the 3rd rib behind the shoulder and came out behind the off shoulder.The doe ran 50 yds and did a spin and fell over
Small .25cal entery hole and a hole about 3 inches on the way out.Inside the damage was masive.Lungs were gone,heart was blown in about 3 pices still attached to the aortas,ruptured the guts,cavity full of blood.

For such a small bullet I was impressed on the damage,I'm shure as the farther you shoot or slower vel. it will be diffrent.

Like stated before I don't think they are a elk bullet,so I'm looking at the 120 NP for that.Hope this helps

Thanks for the info guys! Like I said, I plan on shooting antelope, and whitetail with my .257. I will be leaving the .30 cal. magnums for the elk and other large game.

Looks like I will just have to try them out and see how it goes.
We have killed 3 deer and 1 elk with Berger Hunting VLD's in the last 2 years. The elk and one deer was from my 7mm using 168's and the results where exactly as reported, massive internal damage and immediate death.

We shot two bucks with the .257 115gr out of a 25-06 going almost 3100 fromt he muzzle. The first was a moderate bodied mule deer(225 lbs) at only 88 yards. 2 shots and it didn't even act hit. It calmly looked back as it ran 300 yards up the hill, jumped a fence and when over the other side. I thought my scope had been bumped. I slowly started tracking and then heard gun shots over the hill. Well I found some faint blood spots and tracked it up. Turns out the deer had laid down in some brush and two guys on quads shot it. They gave it to me when they realized I had hit it. I found that I had put two shots through the center of the lungs, but other than the two distinct holes, no real damage. Almost like arrows going through. Well, I had the deer and assume by the time I would have found it on my own it would have been dead. So, a dead deer but not impressive.

The second deer was a 188" Mule deer my son shot at 450 yards. He had some nerves, and all I saw was the video, but again the first 2 shots seemed like clean misses with the deer looking around. The third was an obviousl hit. Later we found that the fist two again both went through the deer almost arrow like. The third hit his liver and a fourth actually bounced off a rock in front of where he had layed down and went into his brisket.

All the shots that arrowed through without damage went clean through the ribs on both sides without hitting bone. I guess we should have aimed for a shoulder, but figured the small bullets would expand is such big deer.

I am very disappointed as I put a lot of time getting a load that would shoot these well and now I feel I must start over with some Accubonds and TSX. I may try another on some wild hogs I will be hunting in January, but then again that may be time to start seeing how the noslers and barnes will do.
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