100gn Amax, real world experience?


Mar 17, 2015
I've been loading for my 6.5 Swede for a short while now & so far the most accurate load I've found has been with 100gn Amaxes pushed to 3090fps.

Does anyone have any experience with this bullet on medium game, either antelope or deer?

I've still got to try some 140gn VLD Bergers, but every Nosler or heavier Hornady I've tried, patterns rather than groups. It seems like this barrel likes a short bearing surface so I have high hopes for the VLD but I'm only 5 weeks out from an antelope hunt & I was considering the Amax, as light as it is, as a 'just in case'.
I know it's hell on coyote & foxes, but that's the only thing I've shot with them


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Jan 30, 2008
Bismarck, ND
I am shooting them in my 6.5x47 20" barrel savage target action. I am shooting them at 3330 FPS. My load work up was very fast and they shoot great. Only thing I have killed with them would be a coyote at 400 yards. He didn't flinch. For what its worth it was a full pass through. The exit wound wasn't anything astronomical. I expected it to blow a cantaloupe on the other side. I have also shot the 100 grain amax threw a stack of approx. 8 dry phone books totaling 14" and at point blank range the 100 amax didn't penetrate all the phone books and only found shrapnel in the phone books. I would attribute the lack of penetration and disintegration to the velocity. In that same stack of phone books I also shot a 140 amax going at 2700 fps and it penetrated fully and continued on. I have also tested them at various ranges and have come up with a g7 BC of .190 Litz does not have these in his book so I had to come up with it on my own. Hope this helps.