1000 yd. .25 Cal.

Bullet selections is still limited severely compared to the other calibers, so your chances of finding the right combination are hampered from the beginning.
To answer your question--yes--as long as your gun shots a 115 berger VLD or 115 ballistic tip or maybe 100SMK very well.

bullets are limited, but it can be done--257 ackley is probably the most efficient wildcat in that cal. then again you have the wssm coming out.


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right, 750 gr a-max = 1.05 bc
Prairie dogs @ 2000 yards.That 750Amax fights the wind and you can spot the shot a lot better than most but the recoil makes for a long day

Havent tryed the 25-06 yet,will a Savage barrel handle the 115grainers?
ss'yote & mach v,

I shoot against a fella from Northern Illinois that competes with a Savage .25-06 in 1,000 yard matches. He shoots the heavy Bergers as I recall & most certainly does NOT embarrass himself. He usually scores around 190 or so out of 200 from that distance...not too shabby.
Was out last August with a guy shooting a 300WSM(one of Bruce Artis creations)trying to get into the 2000 yard club.Had the 50 along so when he was waiting for his barrel to cool I figured I'd give it a try.To my surprize it stayed very close to MOA out that far but unfortunately a Prairie dogs is smaller than 20".Ran out of ammo before a prairie ran out of luck so to answer your ? no it aint happened...yet.
Good luck with your 5000 yard hog.
Contact Precision Shooting. In one of their early 1990s books there was a long article on the 257 Banshee. It was based off the 8 x 68 RWS case which is very good. They were shooting prairie dogs at around 1400 yds with it. Cannot remember any of the details without going back and finding the article but one hot cartridge that worked well.

RWS cases are very good guality, just tough to find in the US. Dave Tooley is distributor and likes the case a lot.

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