1000 YD. Targets (6X6)


Mar 6, 2002
Central Minnesota
Anyone know where to get the large 6X6 targets for 1000 yd shooting? I saw them a couple years ago in a catalog but I can no longer find them! Any help on where to get them will be appreciated!! Thanks!!
Got mine from Sportsmans guide 1-800-888-3006
& if you ever get to S.St Paul you can pick them up at their outlet store=CJ web page
Those are the exact ones I am talking about! I saw them in there about a year ago, and they aren't in their catalog anymore! Thanks for refreshing my memory. I will call them today!!

The targets we use at the Williamsport 1000 yard matches are the old 500 yard military targets with some changes.

Our targets, when on the frames, measure 68 1/2" left and right and 41" up and down.

We buy them through the "National Target" company in New Jersey.
I think you could buy at least 100 or more at a time if you wanted to.

I don't have the number in front of me but I'm sure they have a web site.

The company that Darryl is talking about is:

The National Target Co., Inc.
PO Box 2152
Rockville, MD 20852

Don't have a phone number or any ordering info as to the price and minimum quantity though.


Thanks for the info on that.

I got the State mixed up.
We have a Williamsport shooter who brings us a few hundred targets at a time, when he comes to the matches and "he" lives in New Jersey.

Hey I went and searched for the phone number and this is what I came up with on a yahoo search match.
National Target Co
3958d Dartmouth Ct, Frederick, MD 21703
Phone: (301) 874-4767
Heres a link

National Target Company

I'm going to call them and see what prices they have and if they only carry one target or if they have a catalog.

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That is the company. I drilled down in that link you posted and the "IBS 1000 Yard Bench Rest Target" is the one shown in the pictures in the other thread. It does have a blue center and scoring rings that makes it easier to see "doubles". I see they are bascially a $1/target ($48/50 pcs) from the web page.
One other option is the new 600yd target. It the same IBS 1000yd target reduced 60% for 600yd shooting. The overall paper size and all is smaller but I don't know the official dimensions on it right now. The web page doesn't show it but I beleive they are the company that prints them up for the 600yd clubs for the last year or so. If your intersted in this target I would call them and ask for availability/price.

Good luck!
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