Pics of 1000 yd rifles


Sep 8, 2001
I really like seeing the pics of the LRH rifles that I have been able to view.Some of them I can Only see a box with a red x in it,though. I've tried copying and pasting the address in the properties but that doesnt work.
Anyway I,d like to see some more of these pics because I am starting a project on a 6.5x284.Just got the barrel(Shilen 8 twist x32"--1.25 straight tube). I want to use a barrel block and need some ideas as I plan to build my own block. What do you guys do about the need for added scope height to clear the barrel? Is it better to bore the block to fit the barrel or epoxy bed the two together? I think I'd like to be able to remove the block easily as I might like to try the gun without a block also.(Rem700 short action)
Is there a link here to some good pics?Or maybe a previous post I missed?
Sorry for all the rambling questions,and thanks in advance.

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How about 1 question. How do you guys handle the need for more clearance with a barrel block? Will super high rings work?(oops-that was 2 questions).Any help out there???
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