0-700 yard shots


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
My original plan was to shoot 180 VLD's or 210 VLD's out of my 300WM. Although after doing research and reading about failed to work the way they should at close ranges Iam not second guessing my decisions. Most of my shots are 100-200 yards although I do get the occasional opportunity out to 500-650 yards. There are MANY bullets on the market today and my head is spinning!!! Iam not a big fan of shooting the High Shoulder shot. I dont know why, Ive just been brought up shooting the low behind the shoulder, heart and low long shot. My game I will be hunting is deer, black bear and Hogs. What would you guys recommend for a bullet I can trust to consistently do the job if I do my part?

the 180 or 200 nosler accubond you wont be disapointed. they are very reliable at close range but still have a high BC and will allow you to reach out to 700 plus.
There are lots of good bullets on the market. But they need to be placed in a good spot. There is do majical bullet that will kill everything quickly when placed badly.

That being said, I replied to your thred because I am building a rifle right now to do what you are wanting. A 300 win to shoot very accuratly and buck the wind as good as posible to 1000 yards. The first hunt for this rifle will be spring Black Bear. My rifle will be loaded with 210 Berger VLD's. Why? Because I have used them a lot for hunting at ranges fron 50 yards to over 800. I have friends that have shot them at game farther and I have seen the results. I alone have taken 1 Elk, probably 8 WT and Mule deer, a dozen antelope, a Black Buck, an Aoudad ram, and 2 Axia deer with them. Never tracked one, watched every one of them fold up.

See what you rifle likes and will shoot the best. Then practise a bunch to know your limitations. You hit them right they will fall with the Bergers.

EDIT/ PS. yes the Elk in my signature was taken with 210 Bergers. DRT.


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Nosler Factory ammo is really accurate in my guns and you can get it in the accubond but its not the cheapest. If you want the bergers HSM hunting shack makes factory ammo loaded with bergers.
According to noslers website. the 200gr accubond in their custom ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 2800fps out of a .300 WM..... That puts it at around 1780fps at 625 yards.... which means I would be limited to shooting at or under 625 yards. (if the minimum expansion velocity is 1800fps. is that all correct?
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Federal makes 300 WM ammo with 180 AB's and 180 Trophy Bonded Tips. Blackhills also makes it in 180 AB's. Winchester loads 180 E-Tips (would be my first choice) They all advertise 2950-2960 fps. They should all get to right about 700 yds with 1800 fps velocity @ 1000' elevation.

That being siad, It might be dificult getting consistant accuracy shooting factory ammo out of a factory rifle to 700 yds. 500-600 yds might be your limit?

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