1. fnlights

    Outfitter for Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500?

    Has anyone went on a guided hunt in Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500 (this includes elk tag)? If so, who was the outfitter and how was the experience?
  2. D

    Little Hunt Video

    Put a little video together for a season that fell apart this last summer. My "long range" experience was 230 yards LOL!
  3. C

    Hunting the Applegate for Elk any recommendations

    My son and I are going to elk hunting in the Applegate unit and this is his very first time elk hunting, I haven't been elk hunting in years and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions or recommendations on where we could start out to increase are chances.
  4. EyeDoc2020

    Horox Outfitters

    Does anyone have any experience with Horox Outfitters (Josh Horrocks) out of Utah for Elk hunting? Thanks!
  5. MWood

    Any Tips for Transporting Elk Antlers on Airplane?

    Hello, I am flying out for Elk hunt in Idaho first week of October. Normally I drive to any hunts, but this year due to work I am not able to get enough time from work to drive and have to fly. Have any of you ever transported Elk Antlers on Airplane? I would really appreciate any experience...
  6. tactlt

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle Appears Unfired, Caliber 300 Dakota Early (3 digit SN) Custom Built by Don Allen and Pete Grisel co-founder of the American Custom Gun Makers Guild Extraordinary Figured Walnut Stock, Wrap Around Multi-Point Checkering, Shadow Line Cheekpiece...
  7. S

    Idaho Elk Hunt 2019

    I'm looking for some info/tips on elk hunting in Idaho. We will be going in mid October hunting the middle fork zone. None of us live near the area and can't take the time off to do a scouting trip so its basically been all E-scouting. That being said, I feel like we have found a good spot...
  8. D

    2018 Wyoming Antelope & Elk Seaon

    Take a look. To sum up last season it was quick and went by too fast. Work had me in the office almost continuously. What time I did get I spent getting my old man his first pronghorn. That said, I did connect with a few critters and enjoy every minute!!
  9. NEMTHunter

    Montana 2019 Hunting Season. What did you Draw??

    Howdy yall. What have you all drawn for this year? (2019) If you want name the district. Maybe we could meet up in the field! Also what season does it cover Rifle or Archery? I will start out. I got a 631 Either Sex tag for Elk. Rifle season Only. Thanks! and Happy Hunting!
  10. S

    Colorado GMU 521 Elk hunt 3rd Rifle Season 2019

    Hi all. Myself and 3 friends are going to be elk hunting the 3rd rifle season in Colorado GMU 521 this November. We are going to be in the Electric Mountain/Chalk Mountain area. We are taking ATV's and aren't afraid to hike quite aways to get into good hunting. We are all first time elk...
  11. MWood

    Cost of Landowner Tag, Idaho Elk Hunt, 10/1/19 to 10/5/19

    Hello, I won an Elk hunt for this fall in Idaho. The hunt will take place just south of Salmon, ID . The hunt dates are 10/1 to 10/5. The contest I won does not cover the cost of license or tags only cost of guide and lodging. I am supposed to enter the draw, and if not successful in drawing...
  12. JohnnyR

    Newbie checking in...

    Howdy- My quick intro. Joined up because I see tremendous value in the forums here. Thanks to so many that have contributed to the body of knowledge. Very heartening to see such a group of shooters! Wife, daughter, self and our two retrievers live much of the year in New England, but...
  13. Unega Waya

    Optimal 300 wsm barrel length WITH suppressor

    Hello all, First post on here so if there are any rules I end up crossing please let me know, I’ll get it fixed ASAP. I also tried searching the threads, but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for as most questions weren’t related to suppressor use. Question: What barrel length for 300...
  14. T

    Bad news for SW colorado elk

    Southwest Colorado elk herds in jeopardy https://www.denverpost.com/2018/11/2...k-herds-dying/ Haven't been on in awhile so I had to start new account. No clue what my password was and I don't use that email anymore. Oh well. The article speaks for itself. In my own experience I have seen...
  15. S

    Colorado GMU 65 1st rifle recommendations

    My best friend and I drew for 1st season elk in GMU 65this year. We plan on backpacking into the Uncompahgre Wilderness and hunt the east fork of the Cimarron River. That being said, does anyone have any other areas in the GMU we should look at? I welcome any and all advice, in general. Thanks!
  16. Lunger


    New to the group Just purchased a Kimber Mountain Accent in 7mm topped with a nightforce 4x14x50 f1 ffp. Just curious if anyone has one and started reloading for it yet. Will be using it for my primary elk gun. Looking for a few good loads to start with. Will be using 168gr bergers. Also has...
  17. B

    Still need the perfect long range elk gun

    Well, building my second savage 300 win mag took a detour and ended up heavier than I originally planned. Mcrees G10 chassis still was not available so I went with the G7 (5lbs instead of 3.5), called Northland Shooter Supply for another barel and I guess the APA micro bastard brake requires...
  18. UniqueUserName

    Rocky Mountain National Park

    Wish I had more time to spend there.
  19. T

    Unit 17-high percentage of 6 pt or better bulls

    I was checking out the Idaho Fish and Game hunting statistics for Unit 17. I was pleased to see that last year 71% of the harvested bull elk were 6 points or better. In 2009, 78% were 6 points or better. Our November hunts produce some nice long range hunting opportunities for the qualified...
  20. K

    Looking for hunters to share a hunt

    2 guys from Kentucky looking to share a Colorado Elk Hunt September/October of 2009. One guy is experienced, and will be acting as a leader/guide, but not an outfitter. This is DIY affair to keep the costs down. We plan on using horses and packing into country around Glenwood Springs. We...