Outdoorsmans Lightweight Hunting Tripods

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Read the details of why I like mine in a review article HERE  - Len

outdoorsmans medium tripod

The medium tripod. This was the first tripod designed by the Outdoorsmans and is still the best seller. It weighs 2.4 pounds. When compressed it measures 18.5", fully extended it reaches 44". Proudly made in the USA.

outdoorsmans short tripod

The short tripod. This ultra compact tripod weighs 1.8 pounds, compresses down to a scant 11" and extends to 22.5" making it ideal for backpacking or saddlebags. Proudly made in the USA.


The tall tripod. If you hunt in country that often requires that you stand to glass, this tripod is for you. Fully extended it reaches up to 62.5" without a head and weighs 3.0 pounds,.This tripod does compress down to 21.5" allowing you to pack it in most quality day packs. Proudly made in the USA.

Outdoorsmans Tripod. -- I have been using the Outdoorsmans tripod set up for several years now. I have the rifle rest, pistol grip and new long range shooting adapter. I have shot deer and elk from 400 to 570 yards off the rest and for glassing it is awesome, stable and light to carry.
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