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    Minimum foot pounds/velocity

    Not sure who came up with it--(I think it was someone famous, like Jack O'Connor, but it wasn't he)--but without regard to bullet weight or caliber, and ignoring the all-important aspect of bullet performance, (and all of that' ignoring a lot!) the old formula that I used to see kicking around...
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    Long-Term Caching?

    I’m with both of you—with the exception that my hunting will almost exclusively on public land—much of it places off limits to motorized vehicles by the Forest Service. I do suspect the large ammo cans would be impervious to any raiding critters—with the obvious excption of Bears. Thanks Russ
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    Long-Term Caching?

    Of those of you who tend to scout and hunt one area repeatedly, have you ever cached or considered caching disposables at or near your camp area up top? I am thinking here of leaving things like the following—either buried, covered with rocks, or hoisted into trees: Water—in Rotopax or other...
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    Shooting How Far?

    That’s my hope! Thanks.
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    Q&A: 300 WM with 210 gr VLD Hunting Project

    I don’t have the optics, but my own range—on my place—goes out to 600. What I intend to do is set up rebar with orange flags at 100 yard intervals from the Target. Then place my bench—or tripod—or whatever rest I use—on top of the heavy duty cover of my pickup bed—and park at whatever interval...
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    Shooting How Far?

    I don’t know how long a shot I will take in the future. So far, 90 percent of my hunting has been in Deep South Texas in Brush—for whitetails and hogs. And so far, my longest shot was on a Colorado Mulie hunt at somewhere around 200 yards. Nor have I practiced at longer ranges. I am now...
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    Packing in - what shooting specific gear do you pack

    Does anyone carry in a tripod and Hog Saddle or equivalent?
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    If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?

    Assuming you mean to exclude .22 rimfire (my first choice) and shotgun cartridges, I would say: .223/5.56, .308 Winchester, and .300 Win Mag. Assuming that you do not intend to exclude those, my answer would be: .22 LR, 12 Gauge (preferably 3 inch magnum capable), and .300 Win Mag.
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    Rear Rifle Support on Tripod: Method of Use?

    Folks, I am awaiting delivery of a complete Outdoorsman's Tripod/Head/Saddle assembly--together with a rear rifle support--i.e, a kind of fourth leg that attaches to a leg on the tripod to hold the butt while making a shot. I believe that I have read and considered the small amount of...
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    What’s in your hunting kit?

    Timnterra and John: Exactly. And as an old fart, I can tell you that things have changed—here at least. Perhaps the reason I never lost stuff from my unlocked house in the old days, was that I owned nothing worth stealing—and everyone in town knew it. And as for not experiencing theft from...
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    Tripods for Spotting and Shooting

    When I see tripods with those large-diameter, rigid m but light carbon fiber legs, I keep getting the uneasy feeling that I am going to regret choosing the much “thinner”—though Lord knows, expensive aluminum rig that I did. Ah well—time will tell.
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    Tripods for Spotting and Shooting

    I am awaiting delivery of the Outdoorsmans Tall Tripod with short center extension, long range rear rifle support, Fluid Head with arca Swiss adapters, tall bino adapter, and, in place of the Hog Saddle—which I really, really preferred—the Triclawps model. The whole thing weighs in at (gasp) 6...
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    Seeking Advice on Long-Range, General-Use Binos:

    Reviving my own moribund thread: Duckhunter: Somehow, I missed your closing post on this thread. Wanted to say that I have already ordered the Alaska Guide Creations model for the el glass. But thanks anyway—as they say: “You never know.” Also, prior to cutting the final order, I whined and...
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    Berger 230 vs 215 for Hunting

    That Broz thread is a classic that has me definitely headed in the direction of load development using the 215 in both .300 Winnie and its Big RUM brother—though I have to agree that if I were shooting an animal at relatively short range, I would prefer the 230 grain.
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    What’s in your hunting kit?

    Hijacking but only slightly, as theft from an automobile plays a part in our discussion here: About 45 years ago, I had a pre-64 Mod 94 stolen from a friend’s pickup. (This was in the days of gun racks in every Texas Pickup truck.). The experience left me paranoid—then when my wife and I had...

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