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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Cases for Cartridge Board

    I am looking to start a cartridge board. I have some of the standard calibers, but am looking for more. I would love to find some of the bigger ones (ie 338 lapua, 408/375 varients, wildcats, etc), and some of the newer "wizbang" cartridges. If you have anything that has a loose primer...
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    New Turrets

    i know im just a newbie here, but as long as your scope doesn't have a side focus, could you not just turn the scope 90 degrees to the left. this would put the up/downturret on the left side of the rifle, and the right/left turret on the top. it may not work, but it might? cdixon
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    scope ring height help

    i bought a millett 6-25-56 scope for my rifle. its going on a winchester laredo (very similar to rem sendero). since this scope has a 30mm tube, i tried the leupold super high rings. these were just the slightest bit too short. the serrations on the AO just barely hit the barrel. now im...
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    7mm\'s i am just wondering what are some of the options in 7mm that can be used with the winchester long action. right now its a 7mm rem mag. if i were to have it rechambered i would like a little bigger cartridge, but i want it to feed from the magazine. right now i can have my loaded...
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    ballistic coefficients?

    thanks alot darryl. sierra's site has them listed at .49. i thought that sounded low. what are the 180gr creations? again thanks alot. you have been a great help to me in developing my long range load. cdixon ps, darryl if you dont mind could you run the drop charts for my rifle with...
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    ballistic coefficients?

    i was just reading up on some long range shooting and i came across this bit of info that i found hard to believe. i noticed that nosler lists the 7mm 140gr ballistic tip with a bc of .485, while sierra's 168MK has a bc of .488. my ? is this. i can shoot the 140gr at about 3250-3300 fps. i...
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    robar gunsmithing?

    i was just browsing over robars website and noticed that they did gunsmithing. what caught my eye was the accurizing that they do. they "accurize receiver. machine receiver face true to bore, lap receiver locking lugs/bolt, surface grind recoil lug, recut chamber, recut threads, and retime...
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    i just got back from tring out some loads in my laredo in 7mm rem mag. i tried H4831, H1000, and R22. out of the three, the reloader 22 shot the best. it put 4 shots into about .6, with me putting the fifth shot at about 1.5 inches. i only had enough r22 to do 5 shells at 62 grs. i dont have...
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    best long range scope under 400

    i think i have decided to go with the millett scope. i will now need rings. i was thinking leupold or burris signiture. which one do yall reccommend? will high work or will i need super high? the scope has a 56mm objective, and it will be put on a winchester laredo. thanks cdixon [...
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    best long range scope under 400

    i was wondering what the best long range scope under 400$ is? is the millett 6-25 any good? what are some other good scopes? thanks cdixon
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    case oal ?

    i am loading some 7mm rem mag shells, with the 168MK. my magazine allows me to seat the bullet out to 3.347 inches. i was told a way to see how long to seat the bullet so it will just touch the lands. the method i was told was to drop a bullet in the barell. then stick a cleaning rod through...
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    7mm rem mag & 168mk

    i was just looking to see what are some good loads for a 7rem mag & the 168MK. i have R19 & 22, H1000, IMR 4350,4831, &7828 powders on hand. will these work? are there any more that are highly reccommended? i am mainly looking for accuracy, but i still want good velocity. thanks cdixon
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    7mag or 6.5/284

    i plan on putting together my first long range rifle. the base rifle is a win laredo in 7mag now. what would be the better route? stick with the 7mag with 168mk or go 6.5/284 w/ 142mk? i will be going with a 28in barrel. i want good accuracy, along with being able to reliably take deer at...
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    i have pretty much decieded on my new long range rifle. it will be a 6.5-284 with a 28" barrell. i have a winchester laredo in 7mm rem mag that will be the donor action. My main question is that i have never neck turned brass. the smith i plan on using has a reamer w/ a .290nk and a standard...
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    low budget long range rifle

    i am planning on getting a long range setup, i just don't know which would be the best route to go. i have a win laredo in 7rem mag that i want to rebarrel. i have about 6-700 dollars total for the rifle. with action trueing, a match barrel, and bedding, would this be a good start? anything...