7mm rem mag & 168mk


Jul 23, 2002
i was just looking to see what are some good loads for a 7rem mag & the 168MK. i have R19 & 22, H1000, IMR 4350,4831, &7828 powders on hand. will these work? are there any more that are highly reccommended? i am mainly looking for accuracy, but i still want good velocity. thanks

IMR 7828 and RL 25 Works real good for me

I have a 7WSM but often use the same data as the Rem mag. I just did a test with 9 different powders and the 168 SMK at 100 yds in front of a Pact 1 crono. My test was a little flawed because I have a fast lot of RL-22 and H4350. 65.5 WXR at 2970fps and 64.0 RL-19 for 2971. 69.6 H1000 for 2938 and 64.5 IMR7828 for 2910. 62.5 RL-22 for 2922 and 60.0 H4350 for 2925. 59.0 XMR4350 for 2882 and 60.0 IMR4350 for 2923. And finally 63.5 of H4831 at 2861. I mike the cases after firing them and the load of H4350 was the only pressure sign I could see. The H1000 load shot about 2" higher but the case checked out .555" after starting out at .554" like all the rest did except the H4350 at .555 1/3". Used a A-Bolt 23" barrel with WW cases and Fed 215 primers. I only averaged two shots of each after two fouling shots. The RL-19's extreme spread for two shots was 0.0. They were both the same. All were very accurate except one on and one off for the 7828 load and the H4350 load. BM
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