Jul 23, 2002
i have pretty much decieded on my new long range rifle. it will be a 6.5-284 with a 28" barrell. i have a winchester laredo in 7mm rem mag that will be the donor action. My main question is that i have never neck turned brass. the smith i plan on using has a reamer w/ a .290nk and a standard neck. is the .290nk hard to make brass for, as i am a beginner? i would like this rifle to function as a repeater, because i would also like to hunt with it as well, so will this be a problem? thanks for you time in helping out a wannabe long range shooter.

I'm with S1--go with the .290" nk. My 6.5-284 has a .290" nk. and I only use Lapua brass. You can turn one a minute with the Sinclair tool. I use the K&M tool, which is similar to the Sinclair.
Are you having your 'smith bush the boltface since you are using a magnum(.532" boltface) donor action? You shouldn't have a problem using it as a repeater, as the action is long enough, but the follower may have to be changed and tweaked a little.
I'm still working up loads, but my next powder will be H1000. A buddy of mine's 6.5-284 really likes 142 Sierra MKs and 57.0 gr.I hope mine is that easy to work with. I have tried H4831SC, but max velocity was about 2950 and accuracy was only so-so.
I'll try to do an update on it this spring, but I have 3 rifles to work up loads for, and work is keeping me pretty busy.
Good luck with your project, It will be a blast...


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The rifle is a Remington M721 converted to single shot with a glue in Davidson follower--It has been trued, lapped and re-barreled at Pac-Nor with a NBRSA HV taper SS SuperMatch barrel --1:8" twist, 3 groove, 6.5-284 .290" nk, with a KDF brake. It now wears a Leupold 8.5-25x50 LR Target in NF bases and rings instead of the NF. It also has a Jewell HVR trigger set at 8 oz. The stock is a Shehane Varmint Tracker. It comes unfinished fron Bill Shehane--I did the stockwork myself. I cut it to length, installed a Decelerator pad and finished it with gloss polyurethane.
What can you tell me about the 6.5-284 Shehane? I am planning a "multi-purpose" rifle, and can get use of a reamer (free from my father-in-law). I already have a Rem. 700 long ('06)action, and have ordered a McMillan stock. The barrel I am considering is a Hart 26" with a 1 in 9 twist. I want to be able to shoot 140 gr. bullets at deer sized game, but would like to do some varmints in with ligher bullet. Will this twist rate work, or should I go with something else? Also, what about the Shehane modification, how is the temperment of the round (ie. accuracy, velocity, case life, barrel life, etc.).
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