scope ring height help


Jul 23, 2002
i bought a millett 6-25-56 scope for my rifle. its going on a winchester laredo (very similar to rem sendero). since this scope has a 30mm tube, i tried the leupold super high rings. these were just the slightest bit too short. the serrations on the AO just barely hit the barrel. now im stuck trying to find rings that will work. in looking at burris website, their extra high rings are listed at .42in where as the leupold are .41. i still dont think these are high enough. my question is, can i manipulate the inserts enough to raise the scope so it doesn't hit the barrel? does anyone know the height of redfield super high rings? i was told that they would work, but i couldn't find them on there website. any other options? thanks, and sorry for all of the questions.

cdixon ... I have the same scope mounted on two short action heavy barrel rifles. A Rem 700 VS and Savage 12 BVSS with Weaver Grand Slam Bases and Warne Maxima high rings. There is just enough room to get the lense cap on. Hope this helps ... Mike

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