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  1. cdixon

    cdixon Member

    Jul 23, 2002
    i just got back from tring out some loads in my laredo in 7mm rem mag. i tried H4831, H1000, and R22. out of the three, the reloader 22 shot the best. it put 4 shots into about .6, with me putting the fifth shot at about 1.5 inches. i only had enough r22 to do 5 shells at 62 grs. i dont have access to a chrony, so with a 26in barrel, what velocity should i be getting? since i am relativly new to reloading, what should i try to do next to improve on this group? i tried to pick a charge in the middle, not too hot, since i didn't have enough powder to load different charges. should i try to up the charge, or ....? what is considered the max charge for r22? i dont really know what to do next. thanks a lot for all your help.

  2. tom baker

    tom baker Active Member

    May 11, 2003
    Hi, I just picked up a can of RL 22 this weekend to try in my 2506 and 300wm. My normal way of load development is: find the min and max grains for the type of powder/bullet weight you intend to use, then start at the min load 5 raise .5 gr load 5 raise .5gr and so on. Next I shot them for groups and mic each group and record it in my logbook after I finish shooting I look to see where the tightest groups occured ie: 73.5 gr=.621,74 gr=.582 and 74.5 gr=.613 and those were the smallest groups. I then go back and load 5 at 73.2,73.3, and so on until I get to about 74.8 and then go shoot and find the best 2 groups and load 10 of each, shoot them and the best group is my load for that powder/bullet combo. There may be a better way but this works for me. Good Luck

  3. JustC

    JustC Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2002
    I find the accuracy load from the manual,..and start there. If it says the range is from 60.0gr to 72gr,..but accuracy was best for them at say 67.3gr,..then I start at 67.3gr and go 1gr up,..1gr down, and one set of 5 bullets at 67.3. I then take those 3 sets of 5 rounds to the range, and group them. If I am still getting good groups with the higher charge,..I move up another grain,..until the groups open up, then back down to the previous load that grouped the best,..and work by .1gr increments.

  4. ricciardelli

    ricciardelli Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2001
    5-shots at 200-yards
    Firearm: Ruger 77R in 7mm Remington Magnum
    Optics: Leupold 4x12AO
    Case: Remington
    Primer: CCI-200
    Powder: 64.6 grains of RL-22
    Bullet: Sierra 168 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail
    Velocity: 2943 FPS @ 15' from muzzle

    Tested loading range:
    RL-22 From 57.0 grains to 66.0 grains
    CCI-200 Primer

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