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    I cant figure out where my pressure is coming from.

    Holy crap! Not to good there!
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    Looking for primers FGM 215m

    I saw some at Cabelas in Greenville SC 2 wks ago. I will go back this weekend and if I do I will buy a brick and sell you some.gun)
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    beam scale vs digital

    That where I got mine. I love it. Hasn't let me down yet.
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    .243 for Whitetail

    Here's a update. My wife got 4 this year. Longest shot was 300 yds. All went down within 30 yds. Nuf said.
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    If you had to have only three?

    22-250, 7mm rem mag, and a 460 Weatherby.
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    7mm rem mag mv

    I have shot both. I love my 7mm Rem mag. I only shoot out to 600 yds max and have never had a prob. And no. 200 fps is not worth it to me either.gun)
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    How many of you went back (scales)

    Love my RCBS 1010. Bought it used and it still works great. Got a digital scale and only use it for target pistol rds.
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    cracked neck

    I have had this prob before with win brass. I do not use them any more.
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    .243 for Whitetail

    My wife has been hunting with a 243 sense she was 15. I have been with her for 11 yrs and she has never had a problem. But she is a GOOD shot. All but 2 Have been heart shots one head at 150 yds and one lung shot. She uses 100 gr core lockt.gun)
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    why not 30-06

    Love the tried and true 06. up against a 308 it shines. The old 06 has won its fare share of ribbons. And lots of loads that are proven.
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    suggestion for Varget substitute

    IMR 4064 has always worked very well for me.
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    Reloading scale

    Thank you. I use my RCBS 1010 only when loading for my 7mm. just got the best group I have ever had. A alka seltzer covered 4 shot group at 200 yds.:D
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    im going to start another controversial thread

    AWESOME! The shoulder meat and front leg sucks. I do still use it when I can but only for hamburger. My wife and I process our own wild game. Most of that meat we give to our German Shepperd and Pit bull.:)
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    Severely Dented Cases….Secondary Explosion Effect?

    ****! I would check other books also. this does look like a low pressure load.
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    Need reloading data

    Lets start a session. Books are your best bet. Read, read, and read.:D