Zeiss vs. leica


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Nov 21, 2012
central Pa.
It pains me to post this as I am a huge Zeiss fan with a lot of there products. I finally was able to talk myself into buying the Victory 10x45 lrf because of a great deal at europtics.com. I was like a kid on Christmas on my way to a hunting spot to try them out. My first impression was the clarity, they are truly excellent. The return was smokin fast at 1270 yards on a tree at the end of a fence row. Now the bad parts. I could barely read the LED display it appeared to me to be very dim most of the time and almost invisable a lot. I also got a lot of no reads on cornfields from 800 out. I tried to blame it on environmentals BUT, my buddy was standing next to me with his leica geovids 10x42 HD B 2200 not having any of the issues I was. LED was bright and no problem getting returns where the zeiss failed. Europtics was very cooperative when I took them back and asked them to exchange them for a new pair of the Leicas. Before I went through with it I took both outside the store and tried to range a fence, the Zeiss again gave me a no read the Leicas instantly returned a range of 1370. I took the Leicas home. Very disappointed. All this being said Zeiss does have a new version out but they are a little out of my range. Hope they address these issues.


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Feb 9, 2019
I d say you made a good choice. I worry more about getting the best piece of equipment in my budget more than what brand it is. Its my money I am spending. That said I do like to stick with companies that I have good luck with.


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Sep 5, 2018
Goblbustr I have the same issue with my Ziess in not being able to read the display. Their ranging abilities have been fine just the read out. It is to bad Ziess did not do more home work on this product. Truth be told I would have bought Lieca's when I bought my Ziess but the button for ranging was on the left side of the LLieca's. I had a friend who had Lieca's and loved exept for that feature. It was ok rifle hunting but when bow hunting you could not range objects without putting down your bow. Now I would like to get Lieca's again as I believe they have a real edge in the range finding world.


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Jun 17, 2013
Rhode Island
Im a dyed in the wool Leupold fan, but lately................?
Last year I bought a rifle off of Gunbroker as a donor rifle for a build. The rifle was a bit beat (1970 vintage), it had a VariX 3.5-10 scope for $400. At the range I found the crosshairs to be a bit fuzzy and I couldn't clear them up. I sent the scope back to Leupold under the warranty process. The warranty agreement was either repair or replace. Two months later I received an e-mail that the scope was being returned from repair. Leupold sent me a new. VX-3i 4.5-15 scope, that's why I am a die hard Leupold!

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