Zeiss Conquest Enough Adjustment?


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Oct 23, 2009
I have a Zeiss Conquest 4.5x14x44ao and I was wondering if it will have enough adjustment to get me out to 1000 yards. Im shooting a 180 accubond out of 300RUM and ballistic calculator says it will be 220.9 inches low at 1,000 yards if im zeroed at 100 yards. Also im not sure if Zeiss is actually 1/4moa or 1/4in.
I went on the zeiss website and it says that it has a square adjustment range of 42.8in at 100 yards. Does anyone want to translate that for me? Having a hard time understanding what they mean?
I believe the square of 42.8 cited would be in inches and would represent the total vertical adjustment range at 100 yds. Given this is true, you could expect 1/2 of that distance (21.4") in a typical centering of mounts. That would give you 1000 yd. range but you never know for sure exactly where:D std. mounts will end up. The best bet is to get 20moa cut mounts and you will have more than plenty......Rich
So my leupold says it has 116 moa of adjustment which would mean I theoretically have 58 moa after sighted in. Which should be enough for quite a lot over 1,000 yards right? Just want to make sure im on the same page.
Vari x III 4.5x14x40AO. Thats according to leupolds website specs on the scope. It seems like a lot....?
That scope has the elev. capability of shooting a mile with a 300 RUM. The 14 power max power would be your limitation.
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