Zeiss conquest 6x20x50


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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
Does anybody out there have any experience/opinion on this scope? I'm looking at this as an alternative to a Leupold 6.5x20x50LR. What do you experienced guys think?

P.S. This will go on a 300 win mag.
I was looking at the same Zeiss conquest as compare to the Leupold just like you. I went to my local Turner's and tried them out. If I am not mistaken, the Zeiss has plastic caps for the target turrets. This just turns me off. for a $700 scope using plastic caps. Was I wrong?
I haven't actually had my hands on one but your right plastic won't do it for me either. Also looking at the specs it doesn't seem to have enough up to get out to 1k.
winmagman, Was at Ciminos in Merrill last week comparing scopes, looked at a $600 Zeiss $450 Lupy, 2 Burris, 1ea $300-1.5-6Sig. 1ea-$179 2-7 Fullfield, and $600? Kahles checking for clarity. Using a highway and billboard signs as my test subjects, the Sig. to my dismay had a parralax problem(Burris will take care of that one with no questions) but other than that they all had the same clarity(looked pretty much the same)I mean all the letters were NOT blurry, nice and clear. That being said I don't see why I'd want to spend 1k for a scope let alone 650-750 for a Leupold, I'll stick with my 6-24 Sig. and 4-16Sig. for longrange vermin, if your looking for a new scope I'd shop a little and compare(unbiased, of course) you'll see what I saw, that the top scopes really look the same as far as clarity goes. I didn't notice any plastic covers but wasn't looking for them either.
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