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Nov 10, 2001
Has anyone tried these scopes? I've heard that the optics are better than Leupold. I'm tempted so stick with Leupold but that's all I own and would like something different. I'm looking at the 4.5-14 model. They just came out with a 6.5-20 with taget knobs etc, it should be a real competitor for the Leupolds.
I use a 3x9 Conquest on my 375 and simply love it. It replaced a Leupold. The Zeiss has held up nicely so far, approximately 600 rounds.

I don't think the Conquest 6.5x20 is available for delivery for a few months yet.

Also, I believe the big Leupold scopes have more MOA adjustment since the Conquest is a 1" tube.

Nevertheless, the optics in the Conquest are great. Very bright and clear. The 375 is my all around hunting rifle and the 2x9 is just the ticket for that rifle.

I am in the market for a long range scope to replace a Weaver V-16 on my quarter bore. I am waiting for some in depth specs from Zeiss before I make my decision as their web site is not nearly as informative as the Leupold site.

Additionally, the click stops on the Conquest are crisp and repeatable. I played with the 375 at 200 yards and the windage and elevation adjustments were spot on. No change with power increase or decrease.

As much as I like the Conquest scopes, I'll use a Leupold if the MOA range is not there with the Zeiss units.


Thanks Holmes. I know the one inch Ziess' have much more elevation than the one inch leupolds. They say you can finger adjust the elevation turret easily with your fingers, is this true? I'm considering a Leupold because I can get a turret installed by the factory.
Yes, they are easily adjusted with one's fingers. The clicks are rather stiff at first, but smooth out with time. They are quite positive and you can reset the zero. The reset scale features only calibration marks, no numerical indexing.

When I shoot prairie dogs with the 375, I have to make judicous use of the knobs....not exactly a long range target style calibre! I have been very impressed with the repeatability of the adjustments.

Another problem I have with the target turret Conquests is they are only available with 1/8" clicks according to SWFA. The Zeiss web site says all Conquest scopes have 1/4" clicks but they do not reference target knobs at all. So I'm a bit confused at this time.

I would really like to try the 4.5x14 Conquest, however, I want the mil-dot reticle and SWFA tells me that version is only available with target knobs and 1/8" clicks.

With the Conquests being as new as they are I'll probably hold a while and get some more mileage out of my old V-16 on the 25/06.

When, and if, I hear back from Zeiss I'll post the info to the forum.


MOA, I just ordered a 3.5-10x44 Conquest from J&G Sales for $428.50. I too considered the Leupold 1" but went with the Zeiss. Etched reticle, 66min adjustment, one piece tube, brilliant optics and lifetime trans. warranty. I called Zeiss first and they confirmed the target turrets can be retrofitted to this scope and the larger ones, but NOT to the 3-9 for some reason. These turrets will be available very soon. Although I have yet to compare, I have heard the optics in the Conquest are substantially brighter than those in the Vari-XIII Leupolds. I'll let you know.
Hello JoeR,

What number did you call to reach Zeiss?

I have not yet received a response to my email inquiries via their website.

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the target turrets.

Holmes, call 1-800-441-3005, ask for Sports Optics, then ask for Carol (I think her extension is 5586 but I no longer have it). She spoke to the Productline Manager for the Conquest who said I could retrofit the target turrets on the 3.5-10 but he could not answer why I could not on the 3-9 and as of Friday, he was going to contact Germany to see why not. Anyway, I went for the 3.5-10 as J$G only had three left. I do not yet know if the retrofit turrets will be 1/8MOA or stay with the 1/4. Good luck, Joe.
Thanks for the email Joe. I kinda had my my mind set on the 4-14 but they don't seem to have a sale on it. I just may have to pick up the 3.5-10, that's a real bargain!
Thanks for the info Joe. Their site shows that scope for 499, are they willing to bargain? I think I'll go with the zeiss.
I bought the 3.5-10 from J&G since it was on sale. I researched the above mentioned zeiss, along with the 4.5-14 model. I also compared them to the Leupold LR M1 3.5-10. The think that sold me on the 3.5-10 was the fact that it has a whopping 66" of elevation adjustment. This is one inch more than the Leupold Long Range M1! The 4.5-14 Zeiss only had 43". As mentioned above the zeiss can be retrofitted with a target knob. Thanks for the advice guys, and for those of you looking for a scope I'd take a close look at the zeiss conquest series. Also zeiss has a sight set up just for the conquest. www.zeissconquest.com

Just a quick question: Who makes the Conquest for Zeiss? Or does Zeiss have a manufacturing plant here in US? Could it be possible that Leupold assembles the Conquest using Zeiss supplied materials? I recall Leica and Steiner having similar marriages with Leupold that ended up sour.


The scopes aren't made by leupold. I don't know the details of the manufacturing process, but I do know that they [leupold] have nothing to do with it. Chris at SWFA can elaborate on who the manufacter is if you need to know. What I do know is.... I got my Zeiss today and it is MUCH brighter than any of my leupolds (including my LR 30mm's). I'm going Zeiss from now on. Also, Chris (the SWFA guy) will tell you same thing I did with regards to the conquest vs. the VX-III, the clarity is unreal.
I mounted the Conquest 4.5x14 on my Rem 700 pss .223 last night and am wonderring where I might find a set of target knobs for this scope.

Any help is appreciated.

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