xotic rifle scope...read this first :)


Mar 14, 2004
Chatam County North Carolina
anyone know anything about this scope. I know that they are updating this for usmc testing. Iron Brigade Armory uses the original super sniper scope on some rifles... I had my doubts, but it actually is a decent scope. I am looking for more info on the xotic scope(super sniper, but not fixed power. 4-16x I think).


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
As far as I know the Xotic and Super Sniper scopes are two different scopes. They look similiar in some aspects but the Xotic is a MUCH larger scope and alot spendier as well, around $750 or $800 compared to $300 for the straight powered super sniper.

I have used both at long range and currently own both and am impressed with both as well. I have yet to have much to complain about with either. Only thing really is that the parallax adjustment is not calibrated correctly by yardage indicator but this is not unusual at all. If adjusted by sight it works very well.

I would say the only draw back to the Xotic is its very large size and limited power rating of 4-16. With the FFP reticle though I really do like the system. Just prefer it be a bit smaller for a 4-16 or higher powered for its current size. Something like a 5-20 would be much better in my opinion without giving up much brightness, vertical adjustment or having issues with the reticle dimensions in the FFP system.

Good scope for the money, not a NF NXS but also $500 cheaper as well.

Kirby Allen(50)
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