First Custom rifle and scope


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Oct 7, 2012
Mamou, Louisiana
I just had a 300wsm built from Mr. Len and had him put a blue diamond on it. 5-20x50. Was that a good choice or should have spent the extra and bought the knight force. Very green to long range shooting. Any feed back would be nice.


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Oct 31, 2009
Thunder Basin, WY
You can always put a NF on it later, like after you start shooting beyond 1/2 mile quite often maybe.?

I've got the Huskemaw on my 6.5-284.

No complaints about it. It looks very good on the rifle IMO and it saves quite a bit of weight and size vs having a NF on it. I had both scopes in stock, but opted for putting the Huskemaw on this gun.

It holds zero, capable of one hole groups. Dialing seems repeatable, I did a box test twice and confirmed drops to 800 yds 3 different times.

Discovered real click value is .375 IPHY or .358 MOA, not an issue other than slightly more work getting a drop chart printed out. Parallax dialed out at the distances marked on the dial, which isn't very common but is really nice on a hunting rifle. I have not ordered my custom turret yet, as I want to confirm drops at 1000 yds before doing so. That way I can simply tell them how many clicks I need for each distance and they can give me an exact match hopefully.?

As far as dialing for distance goes, the Huskemaw will get most of us out to half mile or more with 1 revolution of the dial, which is what it is designed to do in my understanding. I can theoretically get a little over 1000 yds with one rev at my altitude with the 6.5-284. Wish it had some holdover dashes below the center crosshairs, because as is-it has to be dialed for anything beyond 300 yds.

Overall, no regrets on putting this scope on my all around/LR deer & antelope gun.

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