Wyoming units 20, 21 & 22


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Aug 20, 2006
Missouri Ozarks
Has anyone hunted these units? It looks like they all have at least some BLM land looking at the big map and several left over tags. I was just wondering about access and if there are any antelope on the BLM land in these units.

I'm planning a trip next fall and looking for areas with good potential for 2nd. choice areas on the application. I have only hunted pronghorn once before and killed a very nice buck but my young friend has never hunted them and I would like to see him draw a buck tag and get a decent opportunity.

Any information is greatly appreciated!

Well I'm back lots of goats in 21 its just hard finding them on public land. The first day they were running all over but they got educated and pushed to the private chunks. Forget the west end of 21 it is mountians and no speedsters make shure you have a gps or good maps cause the public land is cut up. unless you wana talk to a rancher, i never did, but from what i here they would be willing to let you on for a fee but i'm cheap. We did get two goats my friend got a decent 13.5" 3" base mine was 12.5. I did have a bigger one in my sights he was at least 14''+ but he was on the edge of private and wouldn't leave 30 yards makes all the differancei'll try to get some picktures up shortly.:D
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