Wyoming Draw

Wyoming now has a few areas with unlimited cow tags. Anyone can buy them over the counter. I know areas 6 and 7 are that way. Only trouble is access. If you can get access from Landowners you have a killer chance of getting one. My experience even as a resident has been difficult getting access. But I don't have much extra money to pay a trespass fee to get access. I'm also of the opinion land owners shouldn't get depredation money or money for game fence to protect their hay unless they let hunters on. Seems like bull that they get money from the game and fish when they won't allow hunters on. Hunter access would keep elk off private or at least moving around to where they won't camp out where they are safe.

Daughter and I drew 59 type 3 whitetail tags and 103 Speed Goat tags. Be my daughter's first year antelope hunting. Hoping to get her a good shot.
I didn't get any good tags this year but the girlfriend drew 111/22 type 1. Should be a fun hunt.
I've hunted 62 several times. If you've never hunted elk before you are in for a hunt of a life time. It will set the bar very high for any future elk hunts for you. The best piece of advice I can give is don't shoot the first 6x6 you see unless it's 350plus.
If you are new to elk hunting and hunting in country full of grizzly bears I'd highly suggest going outfitted these guys are hands down the best in the area.
This is true, I hunted it many years ago with this outfitter and shopped for bulls, looked over 70 or so the first day and shot the biggest one 370". Enjoy it.