Wyatt Outdoors .223 Mags

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    Jun 6, 2009
    Hey Guys,

    I've used Wyatt magazines in the past and know about the .308, .30-06 & .300 WM magazines. Yes, some people can never get theirs to work while others have no problems at all. But that is NOT what I am interested in.

    What I need info on is Wyatt's .223 magazines. I need to hear from guys who have first hand experience using these mags.

    I'm shooting hand loaded .223 that already fill up the AI mags maximum length (2.55" C.O.A.L.). That allowing me to pack huge amounts of powder behind +80 grain bullets. For those that don't know, being able to seat bullets that far out of a .223 case really turns that cartridge into a different sort of beast.

    However, the 90 grain bullets are so long that I could still benefit from an even longer magazine than the A.I.'s. And Wyatt advertises that their .223 mags allow for +2.8" max C.O.A.L. What we are talking about here is virtually all available cartridge space for powder. A .223 on steriods.


    But I need input from shooters that have first hand experience with Wyatt .223 mags and their bottom metal.