SOLD/EXPIRED WTS/WTT Custom 300 wby improved (300 shannon)

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    Dec 25, 2007
    I bought this gun for my dad for our elk hunting next year, he came out and we fire-formed some brass so I could show him about reloading for it. He has decided he wants something that he can just buy factory ammo for. I am looking to sell it or trade it for something of equal value.

    300 wby improved (300 shannon) on mark V action
    #3 Douglas 26" bbl
    Pacific research laboratories composite stock
    trigger has been worked and is very nice.

    The gun was built by Jeremiah Shannon who was a well known gunsmith in the northwest. Has approx 100 rounds through it.
    Custom PTG dies come with deal and 20 fireformed wby brass

    outright sale price is $1000 plus shipping
    if a trade is done I will want the deal to be done through ffl dealer to mitigate any risk for either party.
    pictures upon request to [email protected]
    Thanks for looking