SOLD/EXPIRED Wts/wtt custom 300 wsm


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Jun 22, 2010
I have for sale a 300 WSM with a long throat, setup to shoot the new ELD-X 215 and Berger 215 Hybrid bullets. Round count is 50. This includes barrel breakin. So far I am shooting the Berger 215 Hybrids at 3000fps with RL26. The rifle was assembled by Nate at Muzzle Brakes And More. He really knows his stuff. This rifle is a hammer shooting 1/4 moa. Here are the build parts.
1. Pierce ss LA with pinned recoil lug and 20moa scope rail
2. Schneider #4 contour, ss,fluted,1-9 twist, 5P, 271/4" long
3. Manners EH4 with the mini chassis, Atlas bipod rail
4. Jewel trigger
5. Wyatt's center feed box and follower
6. Rem. 700 bdl bottom metal
7. Nate's 4 port side discharge muzzle break timed on by Nate.
Weight minus the scope is 7lbs 6oz. WTS/WTT for $4200 plus shipping OBO


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Dennis. I am looking for higher end 1st focal scopes Also a spotting scope. Swarovski 80mm or larger. Still for sale or partial trade.

This rifle could have the chamber lengthen to a 30 Nosler if someone wants. I could have Nate extend the chamber by using a PTG 30 Nosler Finnish reamer that is piloted. Or a 300 Rem. Ultra Mag.

Still for sale.

100 pieces of Norma brass just came in for the rifle. Also got a 2 boxes of the new Hornady ELD-X bullets (200,212 grain).

Still for sale or trade.

Brian, Have you tried this bullet/powder combination at long range? If so what kind of results did you get?
Thanks, Dennis
The 215s can really bang steel at 1000. Just messing around this last wkend. The rifle did well and hit my 15" round steel 15 out of 15 at 1000 yards. Was a lot of fun. Boy I needed to get out this last wkend. I can text pics for proof. Just pm me you numbers.