WTB primer disc


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May 16, 2009
Need primer disc for Knight muzzel loader 50 cal cannot find any here where I live Found some at Knight website
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I was hoping you wanted the entire rifle... I have a half dozen or so with a rifle I wish to sell. Were are you from? Maybe I could loan you a couple till you find some. Or sell ya the discs and throw in the rifle.:)

I live in southeast Texas. Hard to believe they stopped making the discs but I can!t find any. If you here of any would appreciate any info. Got a good shooting rifle and no primer discs!!!!***???
Muledeer, If you are talking about the little red plastic disc that holds one 209 shotgun primer for a Knight rifle ?? I just looked and I have 7 of them with my rifle. If it will help you at all I will give ya one and keep an even 6 to sell with my rifle. If ya want it pm me your address and I will send it to ya.

I do appreciate the offer but one won!t last too long you keep it with your rifle may help you sell it. Thank you
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