SOLD/EXPIRED WTB - heavy barrel for savage


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Sep 18, 2008
Fort McMurray , Alberta , Canada
Looking to buy a heavy barrel for my savage project. I would like it to be a heavy barrel. I'm open to calibres but would like something in the .308 or bigger but I am open to others. I would love to see something with a break and flutes if its out there. Thanks
There is a factory 24" 10fp heavy barrel with under 100 rounds thru it for $100 over on The guy is good to deal with too. I am just finishing up a deal with him and it went very smooth.

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I have a .300 win mag 26" 1 in 10 small shank Mcgowen. I was just getting ready to send in to have it taken down a couple contours. It is a target taper has no muzzle break or fluting. This barrel shoots .5 MOA or better and has 268 documented rounds. I have the load data all ready figured out. I would let this barrel go for 450.00 I know you can buy one for cheaper but the load data all ready figured out and knowing you are getting a good barrel out the gate. I don't really want to see it go but Ill just buy another one for a new project I guess.Take it or leave it if you are interested I have pics of groups shot with rifle.

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