Wow..I read all the posts..Matchkings..


Mar 6, 2008
at the Accurate board about using Matchkings
on game animals. Boy some guys get upset don't they?

My thoughts are:

1. If the Matchkngs go in and come out with a fist sized hole the other side,they did thier job right? No matter what Sierra says about what it was designed for.

2. Why don't you guys use the LRB
J36 hunting bullets? I would think this is a very accurate bullet that would hold it's own against the Matchking in terms or accuracy.
Or the GS Custom bullet.

3. And I have had very good accuracy with the Nosler BT bullet. Why not that?

4. Is the Matchking that much better that the others are not even a consideration?

Like I said if the Matchking works,great but you don't see many posts here about using other bullets and I wonder why is that.


Thomas B.

Well-Known Member
Jan 4, 2002
Mike, If Sierra took a boat load of Matchkings and re-labled the boxes with the phrase (Super Game Getter), these would be the new latest greatest thing. Advertise it in some glossy magazines and everyone will want to get some of these to try out. It's all about perception! Anyway you want to look at it, it is still a copper alloy covered chunk of lead going really fast.
I neither advocate nor condemn their use. If they are used with success then guess what. They work!

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