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Dec 27, 2009
South Central PA
I have a Savage model 93 17HMR that i have had for about 4 years and i really like it but i have the oppratunaty to trade it for a Savage Model 11 pre accutrigger in 300WSM. So what would you do? I like the 17 HMR but i have found it is not really that much better than a 22. But with the 300 WSM the possibilites are plenty. Well what do you think.
I traded my 17HMR for 7mm rem a couple years ago. It was a great decision. unless you have a young kid that can use it for practice, or have the varmint bug, go for the 300 WSM. not that I didnt like my 17, I just liked the 7mm way better. that is one sweet round (300wsm), and if nothing else you have a good action to build on. Just my 2cents.
Depends. Where & what do you hunt? Do you have any use for the 300? I probably would if the financial side is reasonable. I consider the 17 to be an excellent caliber for a very narrow nich of usage. The 300 however will cover a larger range of usage. I have no use for the 17 but I could use the 300 and if I decided to get rid of either I feel the potential market is much larger for the 300. That being said I hunt in the east and I find the 300 a bit large for my use so it would not be a preferred caliber for me.
If you don`t reload and shoot the HMR alot you might want to think about it. Other wise jump on the deal, and if you don`t reload you could start.
Well I traded it and am now the proud owner of a 300wsm. Never really had any desire to have a 300 of any kind but I just could not pass up the temptation. Anybody got any ideas where I can find some aftermarket stuff for the Savage Model 11?
Congratulations on the new rifle. You'll really enjoy the 300WSM. You may want to install a muzzle break if you plan on pushing the big bullets. They have various things. Mostly Shilen barrels, aftermarket stocks, and triggers. They do have extra barrel nuts, bolt heads, and barrel wrench.

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CDI make aftermarket bottom metal so if you want to up grade to a DBM with multiple round capacity.

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